Wait… sugar? That’s right. The scariest thing you’ll encounter this Halloween may just be sweets. Here are some hair-raising statistics about Halloween candy consumption: Americans purchase around 600 million pounds–or 2 billion dollars worth–of candy each year for Halloween. Kids consume up to 7,000 calories on Halloween and the average trick-or-treater intakes about three cups of sugar. The average child would need to trick-or-treat for over 100 miles to burn off what they eat during Halloween. These statistics may be a bit shocking but what is perhaps even more frightening is how much sugar the average Canadian consumes on a daily basis, not just around October 31st. According to a study done by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, sugar makes up 16 percent of the average child’s daily caloric intake. The American Dental [...]

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For Our Mothers

WE ARE ECSTATIC TO HAVE this month to celebrate all the wonderful mothers out there! They fed us, clothed us, read books to us and raised us. But most importantly, they LOVE us! We’d like to return the favor and show all our mothers some love this Mother’s Day. What We Love About Our Moms From Mandy: "Happy Mother's Day to my amazing Mom! Thank you being there and showing me unconditional love. I strive to be like you every day. I hope that one day I will be as strong as you and always have a positive outlook on life no matter what. You are the wind beneath my wings. Love you always Mom."   From Michelle: " My Mom means the world to my brother and me. She is [...]

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Happy Halloween

  Its that time of year again, our annual Sweet Swap; bring us your leftover candy for a chance to win an iPad Mini! We want everyone to have a happy, safe Halloween and enjoy your candy but we don’t want to be feeding those “sugar bugs” for weeks to come. Sugar bugs is the term we use for the bacteria (streptococus mutans) that lives in your mouth and uses carbohydrates to produce the acid which causes cavities. Sugar bugs prefer simple carbohydrates like sugar as they break down easier but they can use any kind of carbohydrate as fuel. Your teeth are most affected not by total amount of sugar you eat but by the frequency and timing that you consume sugar. As an exaggerated example, it would be [...]

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Steveston Smiles is Growing

We are delighted to announce some exciting news! With your best interest, and oral health in mind, we have decided to merge with Dr. Bob Jamieson’s office effective October 2015.  You may have noticed that we are located directly across the waiting room from each other. Dr. Bob and Dr. Doug met at UBC Dental School and started practicing together in 1973, before becoming two separate practices.  It is serendipitous that we have come together again. Dr. Jamieson will be available to take care of his patient's oral health needs from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursdays he plans on spending more time skiing (in the winter) or on his boat (during the summer). Over time both our offices will merge together physically to become one office.  Dr. Jamieson and his staff will deliver the same high quality dental treatment that you [...]

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Welcome Dr. Selena Chow

    We would like to introduce you to Dr. Selena Chow. Dr. Chow will be joining our dental team starting October 1st, 2015. Dr. Selena Chow grew up in Vancouver and graduated from UBC Dentistry in 2004. She has worked as a general dentist in several different dental clinics in the Lower Mainland and has gained valuable experience by being in different environments and providing treatment to a range of patients. Selena feels it is important to further her dental education and keep on top of new materials and techniques. She is currently a member of the Everyday Dentistry Study Club where the the discussions are led by a variety of dental specialists. The goal of the study club is to enable general practitioners to be comfortable treatment planning [...]

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The Dental Mission Project

Guatemala 2007 The Dental Mission Project Society (TDMP) was formed in 2008 by Dr. Doug & Susan Nielsen, with the help of friends & family, to support regions in desperate need of oral health care and education -- both around the world and in our own "back yard". TDMP is committed to assisting local dental groups interested in providing assistance to marginalized populations (regardless of their religious or political beliefs) by loaning portable Dental Equipment & Supplies that can be taken most anywhere in the world. Patterson Dental stores, maintains the equipment and Steveston Smiles (Dr.Michele) provides backup support Since 2008, Dental Teams have taken TDMP equipment & supplies on various international trips and set up local free clinics in Richmond, East Vancouver, Vancouver Island & Northern BC. [...]

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Oral Health Month

Every April at Steveston Smiles we celebrate Oral Health Month by going out into the community to educate kids about oral health with out famous Tooth Talks. Kids are important to us and we are passionate about educating kids and their parents about proper oral care. We want the kids in our community to have strong healthy teeth and mouths for a lifetime. Countless studies have shown that children pick up their oral habits early and that they are hard to break. The goal of our tooth talks is for children to know the importance of oral care and help set them up for a lifetime of good oral health. I am surprised every year as to how many kids do not know about floss, brush without help from an [...]

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I Won!

On Saturday March 7th, I participated in the Richmond Community Hospice Foundation’s Dancing with the Richmond Stars fundraiser and competition. Myself and five other Richmond celebrities danced. I was the event’s double winner taking home both the people’s choice award for fundraising the most money as well as the judges award for best dance.   This wonderful evening of dinner and dance raised $25,000 for the Richmond Hospice. The event took place at the Riverside Grand Ballroom and included dinner, a dance competition, judge's comments, returning champions showcase, a professional dance showcase and to cap off the evening, dancing for all.   I knew immediately after hearing about the Richmond Hospice Association Dancing with the Richmond Stars event last March that I wanted to participate. In February 2013, I was [...]

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Going Green

In March 2014 we made the bold statement in our spring newsletter and on our Facebook page: "Starting January 1, 2015, we will no longer be sending out reminder cards for your routine dental check-ups, instead we will be contacting you via phone or email; whichever you would prefer. Over the next few months we will be asking you for your updated contact information so we can continue to preserve our environment and still make sure you are up to date on your dental health." Here at Steveston Smiles we are environmentally conscious on a daily basis. However, paper in the form of statements, mailings, and cards is still the biggest environmental concern at our office. We are proud to announce that we just sent out our last batch of [...]

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Dancing With the Richmond Stars

On March 7, 2015 I will be participating in the Dancing with the Richmond Stars Fundraiser and Competition present by the Richmond Community Hospice. This elegant evening of dinner and dance in support of the Richmond hospice will take place at the Riverside Grand Ballroom, 1231 Burdette Street, Richmond, Doors open at 6 pm. This event pairs local celebrities (me) with Richmond's best professional ballroom dancers (my partner David Marasigan) and consists of dinner, dance competition, judge's comments, returning champions showcase, a professional dance showcase and dancing for all to cap off the evening. So, how did it come to be that a self-proclaimed extreme introvert is dancing in a competition to raise money for the Richmond Community Hospice? It started in February 2013 when I was diagnosed with a [...]

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